September 4, 2014

Kentucky ranked in top 5 nationally in growth of Internet adoption, speed increases

In today’s ever-changing world, the Internet is a gateway to prosperity, opportunity and achievement. Broadband access, speed and equally important, broadband adoption, are critical for ensuring Kentucky’s economic future.

As policy-makers consider initiatives to address technology-related issues that must be resolved before Kentucky can unlock its true potential, it’s important to understand the transformation the Commonwealth has made in Internet use in just a few short years. As the saying goes, you can’t know where you’re going unless you know where you’ve been.

The most recent data show that Kentucky has room to improve in the areas of Internet speeds and adoption, but as importantly, it also indicates that our Commonwealth is on the right track.

According to the respected Internet measurement firm Akamai, at the beginning of 2008, Internet adoption in Kentucky stood at 28.5% and our state’s average connection speed was 3.3 megabits per second (Mbps). By 2012, adoption grew only slightly to 37.5% and Internet speeds still crept along at an average of 4.2 Mbps.

However, in less than two years, Kentucky has seen tremendous growth in Internet speeds and use. Significantly, the latest Akamai report shows that Internet adoption has jumped to 65.3% in Kentucky and the average connection speed is now 7.3 Mbps. Those increases rank Kentucky in the top five nationally in the growth of Internet adoption and speed increases during that time period.

Do these survey results indicate that Internet speeds and use in Kentucky are where they need to be? No. But are we on the right track? Absolutely. And when it comes to ensuring Kentucky families and businesses have access to fast Internet speeds, that upward trajectory shows no signs of slowing down.

A big part of this is due to the significant investment that Kentucky’s cable providers make every year to ensure our Commonwealth has the infrastructure it needs to compete. In fact, Kentucky’s cable operators invest more than $100 million each year to lay new fiber optic cables, upgrade hub sites and build new facilities needed to provide families, schools and businesses with fast, reliable Internet service.

As the Internet service provider to nearly 600,000 Kentucky homes and businesses, our member companies have a vested interest in ensuring Kentucky is connected. There is more work to do to help Kentuckians take full advantage of the Internet’s resources. However, Akamai’s findings clearly indicate that Kentucky is on the right path and Kentucky’s cable providers will be working hard to make certain that trend continues.

June 16, 2014

Cable Connects Kentucky


Through investment and innovation initiatives, cable has exerted a significant impact on Kentucky’s economy – creating much-needed jobs for Kentuckians. KY Cable member companies employ nearly 2,800 workers throughout the Commonwealth.

And with the ever-changing world of communications technology, employment opportunities continue to grow. One Ky Cable member, Time Warner Cable, has hired more than 150 Kentucky workers in the last four months alone.

Other direct and indirect jobs associated with the Cable industry in the Kentucky, including program suppliers, equipment vendors, and construction and sales contractors, account for close to 23,000 additional jobs. All helping to ensure Kentuckians have access to the broadband services needed to grow our economy.

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Within the last four years cable’s capital expenditures in the U.S. have reached nearly $70 million. And employment in the cable industry has grown 73% since 2002. The combined investments and job growth has certainly had a profound impact in Kentucky – with cable’s economic impact totaling $3.4 billion annually.


Cable is the leader in broadband development in the Commonwealth. For most Kentucky households, cable companies provide the fastest broadband speeds, with standard cable broadband speeds ranging from 10 Mbps to 20 Mbps. Many homes in the Kentucky have access to speeds of 50 Mbps or greater.

Cable’s commitment to broadband investment and deployment has helped Kentucky lead the nation in Internet growth. The results are significant:

82% growth in internet adoption
49% growth in average Internet speed

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November 26, 2013

Cable Working To Close The 'Digital Divide'

In today’s connected world it’s difficult to imagine that some people aren’t online. However, a recent Pew study indicates that 15% of Americans don’t use the Internet or email. And the reasons vary, ranging from those that say they aren’t interested or have no need for the Internet, to those who believe the Internet is not very easy to use. Lack of a computer, Internet availability and price are factors, as well.

The Cable industry is working to close the digital divide by instituting programs to help low income families get connected. Initiatives include reduced cost Internet connections, free or low cost cable modems, access to low cost computers and critical training in digital skills and literacy. A quarter million families nationwide have been helped so far.

Connecting folks to the Internet – one more way Cable is investing in our nation’s future.